Imagine being able to do your job, no matter where you are, so long as you have access to a laptop, phone or tablet and Wi-Fi. This is one benefit cloud computing could bring to your business.

At Arcnet we believe harnessing cloud technologies can aid in simplifying your IT infrastructure, potentially reducing the physical on premise hardware footprint while providing equivalent or better than services to your business.

Some of the benefits of cloud to your business could be:

  • Offsite backup – backup of data is essential to any business ensuring peace of mind in knowing that data is safe, with cloud technology you can take this one step further knowing that your data is backed up off premise.
  • Scalability – only use the compute power you require and when you require it. Having an all powerful server estate is all good and well, but running costs can be expensive. With scalable infrastructure you can expand and reduce where your business needs.
  • Secure – A major factor in bringing cloud computing to business is the security element, ensuring the security of your data is paramount and having data off premise ensures this.

Cloud doesn’t always mean that all your services and data physically reside outside your building, an “on-prem” or hybrid approach can be taken to ensure your services are situated in a location which suites your business needs the most.

Contact us to discuss whether moving some or all of your IT services to the cloud would be beneficial to your business.